Date Event
May 5, 2019 12:30 PM Citizen2be Charity Ride details
Tue23.4 Wed24.4 Thu25.4 Fri26.4 Sat27.4 Sun28.4 Mon29.4
BE30 Sculpt15 W SCraig 7:00 AM 45min
BE30 XPRESS SCraig 7:00 AM 30min
BE45 SEm 8:00 AM 45min
BE45 Craig 12:30 PM 45min
BE45 SEmily 6:15 PM 45min
BE60 Power Bradyn 7:30 PM 60min
BE45 Craig 7:00 AM 45min
BE45 SEm 8:15 AM 45min
BE30 Sculpt15 Emily 12:00 PM 45min
BE30 XPRESS Emily 12:00 PM 30min
BE45 SCraig 6:15 PM 45min
BE45 Hip Hop SBradyn 7:30 PM 45min
BE45 Bradyn 7:00 AM 45min
BE45 Emily 8:15 AM 45min
BE45 SCraig 12:30 PM 45min
BE45 Bradyn 6:30 PM 45min
BE45 TBT Craig 7:45 PM 45min
BE45 Craig 7:30 AM 45min
BE45 + Childcare Craig 10:00 AM 45min
BE30 XPRESS SEmily 1:00 PM 30min
BE30 Core15 SEmily 1:00 PM 45min
BE45 SBradyn 6:15 PM 45min
BE45 SCraig 9:00 AM 45min
BE45 AJ 10:30 AM 45min
BE45 Emily 11:45 AM 45min
BE45 Craig 9:15 AM 45min
BE45 Method Bradyn 10:30 AM 60min
BE45 Emily 5:00 PM 45min
BE60 AJ 6:15 PM 60min
BE45 Emily 7:30 AM 45min
BE45 Em 12:30 PM 45min
BE45 Bradyn 6:15 PM 45min
BE45 Joey 7:30 PM 45min

We have a 7-day booking window. Cancellations must happen online 12 hours prior to the class time. Please be ready at the studio at least 10 minutes prior a Ride & 5 minutes prior a Refine class.

All our classes are taught in English.