Date Event
Dec 15, 2018 4:30 PM Candlelight Yin/Nidra Yoga W details
Dec 20, 2018 7:00 PM Enter the Darkroom details
Dec 21, 2018 6:00 PM BE Merry Drinks details
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Barre Nikolai 8:45 AM 60min
BE45 Madeline 9:00 AM 45min
Flow Yoga Nadine 10:00 AM 60min
BE45 SJoey 10:30 AM 45min
HIIT Sven 11:15 AM 45min
BE45 Emily 11:45 AM 45min
Barre 45 Vic 12:15 PM 45min
RIDE FOR HER (Charity Event) Emily 1:00 PM 45min
BARRE FOR HER (Charity Event) Vic 1:00 PM 45min
Candlelight Yin/Nidra Yoga W Nadine 4:30 PM 75min
Align Yoga Anja 9:00 AM 60min
BE45 Craig 9:15 AM 45min
Barre W Sara Lynn 10:15 AM 60min
BE45 Method W SCraig 10:30 AM 60min
HIIT W SBertrand 11:30 AM 45min
Barre 45 W Sara Lynn 12:30 PM 45min
Barre 45 SNikolai 5:15 PM 45min
Flow Yoga Ben 6:15 PM 60min
BE60 SDavid 6:15 PM 60min
Yin Yoga Ben 7:15 PM 60min
HIIT Bertrand 7:00 AM 45min
BE45 SCraig 7:30 AM 45min
Barre 45 SAbby 8:00 AM 45min
HIIT SSven 11:45 AM 45min
cancelled David 12:30 PM (45min)
Mobility SSven 12:30 PM 45min
Barre 45 SKate 1:30 PM 45min
BE45 SCraig 6:15 PM 45min
Barre 45 SNikolai 6:15 PM 45min
HIIT Sven 7:00 PM 45min
BE45 Joey 7:30 PM 45min
Yin Yoga Mascha 8:00 PM 60min
BE30 Sculpt15 Joey 7:00 AM 45min
BE30 XPRESS Joey 7:00 AM 30min
Barre 45 SSara Lynn 8:00 AM 45min
BE45 SDavid 8:00 AM 45min
Flow Yoga Cormac 9:00 AM 60min
Flow Yoga Kate R 11:00 AM 60min
HIIT Sven 12:30 PM 45min
BE45 Craig 12:30 PM 45min
Barre 45 SSara Lynn 1:30 PM 45min
HIIT Sven 6:30 PM 45min
BE45 SJoey 6:30 PM 45min
Align Yoga Kate R 7:30 PM 60min
BE45 SCraig 7:45 PM 45min
Barre 45 Sara Lynn 8:30 PM 45min
BE45 SJoey 7:00 AM 45min
HIIT Sven 7:00 AM 45min
Flow Yoga Steph 8:00 AM 60min
BE45 SCraig 8:15 AM 45min
Barre 45 Katherine 9:00 AM 45min
BEnatal Yoga Anna 10:00 AM 60min
BE30 Sculpt15 SCraig 12:00 PM 45min
BE30 XPRESS SCraig 12:00 PM 30min
Barre 45 Katherine 1:00 PM 45min
BE45 Joey 6:15 PM 45min
Barre Kate 6:15 PM 60min
Flow Yoga Cormac 7:30 PM 60min
BE45 Hip Hop SCraig 7:30 PM 45min
Yin Yoga Anja 8:30 PM 60min
Barre 45 SFabienne 7:00 AM 45min
BE45 Joey 7:00 AM 45min
Flow Yoga SNadine 8:00 AM 60min
BE45 David 8:15 AM 45min
Barre 45 Katherine 9:15 AM 45min
HIIT Andrew 11:45 AM 45min
BE45 Joey 12:30 PM 45min
Barre 45 Kate 1:00 PM 45min
Barre 45 Vic 6:15 PM 45min
Enter the Darkroom Joey 7:00 PM 60min
Align Yoga SKate R 7:30 PM 60min
HIIT SSven 6:30 AM 45min
BE45 SJoey 7:30 AM 45min
Barre 45 Shirah 7:30 AM 45min
Align Yoga Shirah 8:30 AM 60min
Flow Yoga SAnja 11:45 AM 60min
Barre 45 Nikolai 2:00 PM 45min
BE Merry Drinks Open Instruc 6:00 PM 45min
Barre Kate 6:00 PM 60min
BE45 Joey 6:15 PM 45min
Yin Yoga SJanina 7:15 PM 60min

We have a 7-day booking window. Cancellations must happen online 12 hours prior to the class time so that we can fill the space with another customer. Please be ready at the studio at least 5 minutes before class begins.

All our classes are taught in English.