Class List


Jump in a ride for an intense cardio workout full of high resistance and interval sprints that will burn you up to 600 kcal. building up endurance while strengthening your core.


This is our signature indoor cycling class: a 45 min high-intensity cardio workout on the bike with the best beats Berlin has to offer. Strengthen your body and burn up to 600 kcal. through a variety of interval sprints and high resistance firing up that heart rate.

BE45 Method

Our signature BE45 class in 60 min for people who are new to the studio and to cycling. The first 15 min are dedicated to explaining bike set-up, bike positions and all other elements to make you comfortable with the class. The next 45 min will be your high-intensity cardio workout. Regulars can join after the introduction part!

BE45 with Childcare

This is your typical BE45 class with childcare included. Yes that's right, we offer a babysitter free of charge who looks after your little ones in our REFINE studio with lots of fun things to play with. If you plan to bring your child(ren), please let us know in advance and email

BE30 Core15 

This class gives you the best of both worlds: RIDE + REFINE! You will start off with 30 min on the bike and then move into the REFINE room for 15 min of core burning ab exercises.

BE30 Sculpt15

This class gives you the best of both worlds: RIDE + REFINE! Start with a 30 min ride, then move into the REFINE room for 15 min of sculpting, toning and strengthening your body through the use of dumbbells, resistance bands and your own bodyweight. 


An express version of our signature indoor cycling class: a 30 min high-intensity cardio workout on the bike with the best beats Berlin has to offer. Strengthen your body through a mix of interval sprints and high resistance that fires up your heart rate. No more excuses not to squeeze in your cardio training! 


Think BE45 but more! In this class you have an extra 15 min to dial in, sprint, climb hills and push yourself to the limit!


Enjoy a mix of high-intensity and recovery workouts on and off the mat using the strength of your own bodyweight.

Align Yoga

Tune your technique in this alignment-focused yoga class, which combines conscious breath with mindful movement. Expect a steady balance of smooth flows and longer pose holds... slow is the new strong! Each class offers a unique combination of poses, designed by our amazing teachers. All levels are welcome. 


Get your thighs and glutes burning through small powerful movements that sculpt, strengthen and align your core, butt and legs using the resistance of your own body weight while balancing on the ballet bar. In this ballet-yoga-Pilates hybrid of a class, you’ll tighten your body through movements like lunges, relevés and ab-work. Not a dancer? Not a problem. All levels are welcome. Go barefoot or in socks to this class.

Flow Yoga

Connect your mind, body and soul in this flow yoga class, designed to develop full body strength, flexibility and balance. Expect dynamic vinyasa sequences, core exercises and advanced variations to deepen your yoga practice! All levels are welcome, some experience recommended.


This is one powerful acronym, standing for High Intensity Interval Training. It invigorates and energizes your entire body through short, super intense bursts of exercise. Expect squats, pushups, jumping jacks and a variety of other strength and cardio-based exercises. Please wear indoor sneakers.

HIIT Method

Tune your technique in this class, designed to improve your performance of the fundamental HIIT exercises: squats, pushups, deadlifts, presses and rows. Work hard and learn hard here, so that you can keep up the tempo in our fast-paced HIIT classes.


This class will provide you with some vital restoration tools to address pain and areas of restriction that may be impacting your performance. You will be taken through some simple and effective mobilization drills to implement into your training routines to have your body functioning to its full ability.

Yin Yoga

Find your zen in this meditative yoga class, that guides you into deep stretches designed to restore you both physically and mentally. Floor-based poses are held for 3-6 min, to revitalize the body's connective tissues and calm your mind. Wear some layers to keep yourself warm. All levels are welcome. 

BEnatal Yoga

BEnatal is a nourishing hatha-style class. This class is for expecting mums, new mums, but also great for beginners or anyone who prefer a more gentle and relaxed slow flow.  The class includes some breath-work and longer savasana and of course a juicy sequence of asanas. For the mums, your newborns are welcome to lie in front of you during this practice.